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What do you know about the chnhash tool?

Posted by Himashana_Admin 2023-06-19 22:26:34

First of all do you know what is hashing?

Hashing is the process of producing a hash value/digest by getting an object or plain text as input using a strong hashing algorithm as shown in the following image.

hashing process
One of the main reasons of using hashing is for the verification.

Example usage of hashing process

Let's see an example of the importance of using the hashing process. Now think that you want to send a document to your friend. So, you generates a hash value for the document using a hashing algorithm and sents the document and the hash value to your friend. But, what if someone altered the original document before receiving it to your friend? To identify the unauthorized modifications, you can use the hashing process.
Now let's think that your friend has the received document and the friend took the hash value that you generated and your friend also generated a hash value from the received document.

Checking the hash values

Now, if the friend's generated hash value is equal to the hash value that you generated before sending it to the friend, the document is the original one that you sent. If not, the unauthorized modifications have happened to the document.

chnhash tool

To perform hashing related activities, you can use the chnhash tool. With chnhash tool you can,

  • generate the hash values

  • compare hash values

by using only a single command.

So, why are you waiting for? Just try it now.
You can download it via our website or through the github page.