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Maintenance alerts big feature update is now available.

Posted by Himashana_Admin 2022-06-05 11:37:21

Maintenance alerts big feature update version 1.2 is now available. This plugin allows you to show your website maintenance scheduled information to the visitors on the top of the website or put your site into full maintenance mode with the default screen or custom page as the maintenance screen. Following are the major new features available for you with this update.

Maintenance mode

With this feature, you can put your site into full maintenance mode during the maintenance period of your website. You can enable displaying the default maintenance screen or a custom page to your website visitors. Additionally, this plugin provides you a page template and Gutenberg editor blocks to build your custom maintenance page.

Export/Import configuration

You can use this feature to export the current plugin configuration to backup to later use or transfer the configuration to the plugin install on another site.

Auto configuration with the theme

The plugin has a feature to identify the current theme you are using and auto-configure the setting according to the compatible themes.

You can go to the WordPress updates page/plugin page to install this update or download and copy the new plugin files to the WordPress plugin directory to perform a manual installation.

You can download the plugin through the official WordPress website or from the Github page.

If you like to contribute to this plugin, please read the contribution documentation :