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The adventure of the lost way

Posted by Himashana_Admin 2022-12-06 20:57:26

The adventure of the lost way is our newly released game that was developed with an imaginary story based on a forest. If we look at the storyline of the game, it has a very interesting storyline.


Over the early years, a game was conducted based on a forest. Its name is the adventure of the lost way. Later, the game was banned for some reason and the forest was abandoned. Time passed slowly and the forest grew more and more and became a big forest. A few days ago, a plane fell into this forest and the pilot was able to survive. You need to help the pilot to survive and go out of the forest. This is not easy because most of the old traps designed for that game are still available.



The map in the bottom right corner helps the player to identify the correct direction and the enemies coming behind.

Interesting Storyline

The game has a very interesting storyline as mentioned previously.

Compatible with different/most common aspect ratios

img: compatible with different/most common aspect ratios

Useful items

The game contains useful items/collectibles such as shield sticks to destroy the enemies etc...

Future of the game

Within the next couple of months, our plan is to improve the game as a multiplayer game and make the dynamic changing environment during the different seasons like winter. Also, we will introduce the different shops and many more within the game in the future.

How I get this game

Currently, the game is available on the Unity Play and platforms. You can play it online without downloading via the link:

Game team

Finally, I would like to remind our game team that contributed to developing this game,