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We launched our new website.

Posted by Himashana_Admin 2021-10-12 15:19:20

Today we launched our new website with a new look after a long time maintenance break. We needed to give a new experience for you because our old website exists over a year. That’s what become the major reason to re-designed our whole website with backend developments and code enhancements. Not only that, we introduced two packages called

  1. App package and
  2. Web App package.
You will be able to see this on the website home page.

We planed to release new games and software in the future and you will be able to get the CHN Whiteboard v1.3.0 stable release and CHN – Find your win game as soon as possible.

We will think that you will be able to get a better experience from this. If you are not already registered on our site please do it now and join us to get new updates and information about our future developments early.